Ossana is certainly the most famous destination when it comes to summer tourism in the Val di Sole, in Trentino Alto Adige, its landscapes are in fact absolutely fascinating and of extraordinary beauty, with absolutely unique and suggestive views and natural spectacles, the town rises on the border between Val di Pejo and Val di Sole and the two enchanting hamlets of Cusiano and Fucine, located along the road that connects the valley to Passo del Tonale, also form part of its municipality; the town can boast a very ancient history, which certainly gives it great relevance and importance from an artistic and cultural point of view and stands at the foot of the imposing mountains of the Presanelle complex.

Visiting the town will certainly be a very special experience, able to introduce tourists to the true essence of this delightful mountain village, learning about its natural beauties, but also the architectural wonders, palaces and major buildings. importance; the itinerary through the streets of Ossana can begin with a visit to the Church of San Virgilio, the oldest in the area, built starting from 1180 and keeper of two wonderful altars, one in wood and one in marble, we can then mention the Church di Sant’Antonio, from the 18th century, built just outside the town.

Surely fascinating and of great interest will be the visit to the Castle of San Michele, it stands on a hill, and probably had a military sighting function, its origins probably date back to the Lombard period, the first documents attesting its existence are in fact, traced back to the 12th century; Ossana also sees the presence, in its historic center, of an ancient house, whose internal walls boast an extraordinary wealth of frescoes, dating back to a period between 1400 and 1500.

Ossana is certainly one of the most popular summer tourist resorts in the Val di Sole area, the summer in fact offers the opportunity to relax with long and pleasant walks among unspoiled nature, with trekking and north walking routes, and discovering the extraordinary wonders that the mountain environment offers its visitors, with green valleys, rocky peaks, woods and pastures for animals.