Rafting Val di Sole

The Val di Sole is certainly the ideal place to devote oneself to water sports in the summer season, thanks to the presence of the Noce river, the main waterway of the valley. One of the most fun activities is definitely rafting, perfect for young and old.

Rafting is a descent along a river aboard a special raft called raft. The dinghy is guided through the currents of the river thanks to the use of the paddle.
This sport is ideal in every situation, from the most difficult routes (with sudden and impetuous rapids) to the simplest ones, and it is a sport that can be practiced by adults and children.

Although it is a sport suitable for everyone, some important precautions are naturally necessary, such as the use of suitable equipment: neoprene wetsuit, life jacket, helmet and throwing rope.
Rafting is a sport recognized by the Italian Rafting Federation and by Coni.

In addition to rafting, Val di Sole is also the ideal location for high water sports activities, such as hydrospeed, entirely immersed in water, pushed by the current, the participants cling to a small tablet that makes it float and follow the path of the river. , kayak and canoe excursions.

Val di Sole Rafting Schools

Val di Sole is one of the most important Italian locations for rafting and water sports disciplines.