The town of Pellizzano is constituted as a wonderful inhabited center, characterized by the extraordinary beauty of its buildings and its monuments, so much so that it is considered one of the major tourist resorts both in winter and in summer, the municipality also includes the small hamlet of Orgnano, Termenago and Castello and boasts an area of great charm and splendor, capable of enchanting visitors; the economy of the center is mainly based on tourism, also following the great building development that the town has experienced in recent decades, but great importance is also covered by the oldest activities, such as crafts, carpentry and livestock.

Among the enchanting wonders that the historic center offers tourists you can admire the extraordinary beauty of the Gothic Church of the Nativity of Mary, whose origins are framed around the thirteenth century, the interior is absolutely fascinating, in fact, you can observe frescoes, paintings and works of great beauty and fine workmanship; moving instead to the nearby hamlet of Ognano you will have the opportunity to admire a village that is certainly enchanting and full of typical shops, in the spirit of the valley, the other hamlets of Castello and Termenago, which rise near the two mountain groups of Brenta and Presanella and which will offer interesting ideas for walks and excursions through woods and nature trails.

Tourism is certainly the fundamental resource of this wonderful location in Trentino Alto Adige, in fact summer brings the opportunity to visit landscapes and scenarios that are certainly very suggestive and boast a unique beauty, while winter covers with its soft blanket the green of the pastures is white, giving the environment a definitely magical and fantastic aspect.